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Instruction Manual

Please follow these instructions, our goal is to enjoy!

Page 1"Introduction"

Please keep in mind the percentage of alcohol content will have advantages and disadvantages.  Lower % will last longer but the flame may not be as beautiful and take longer to light with your grill lighter.  Higher % alcohol will be more vibrant and will light sooner, but won't last as long... 

Manual Page 1.png
Manual Page 2.png
Manual Page 2.png

Page 2 "Warnings"

Follow these guidelines and remember, fire may be awesome, but it can also be dangerous. 

Page 3 "Parts/Assembly"

There are not many "Parts" to the Mama-Nado. However, each part has a very specific purpose.  Follow these first 4 steps in assembling your Mama-Nado in just a couple minutes.

Manual Page 3.png
Manual Page 4.png
Manual Page 4.png

Page 4 "Finish Assembly"

Within just a few minutes you will be ready to enjoy the spinning fire on display.

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